Rushab Shah
TutorHive Black:</br> A Personal Education Concierge
Rushab Shah

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The last education subscription you need to ensure your child succeeds... not only this exam season but beyond.

The TutorHive team have been working tirelessly to build the biggest disruption in private tuition since Zoom was introduced.

An education concierge designed to help your child unlock their potential, whilst helping you, the busy parent, manage your work-life balance.

Built as a simple subscription your personal education concierge will not only arrange all of your tuition lessons for you, but give you access to tutors on-demand, exam resources and a marked feedback service...  

Our aim was to give busy parents three of the most valuable things in life:


Would you rather spend time away from your family searching for exam resources, marking your child's homework or trying to find the right link for the tuition lesson for your child? 

0 admin to manage your child's tuition (included in TutorHive Black)

Exam resources + marked feedback (included in TutorHive Black)


Do you actually understand the subjects your child is learning to a good enough level to be able to explain it to them? Or are you spending all night learning so you can support your child?

Support from a Tutor-on-demand (included in TutorHive Black)

Education concierge chat for everything you need (included in TutorHive Black)


Do you actually know how effective your child's education is? Or are you hoping the 3 parents evenings from school and one set of mocks will be enough to be sure they are on track?

Monthly learning progress report (included in TutorHive Black)

Monthly personal development sessions (included in TutorHive Black)


And since that's not enough, we also give you 5% off ALL tuition lessons! 


So what are you waiting for...